KW Exercise 1.1

The purpose of higher education is to better ourselves by obtaining knowledge because the more knowledge we have the higher chance of success. Meaning better paying jobs and being comfortable financially. Honestly, I was scared to go to college but I knew I had to because America is such a competitive place for employment and I would need a college degree to open up the job options. I don’t think college education makes you a better citizen because I know people who have received their college degrees; they do not vote, nor are they involved with their communities.You may know more about the community but it is your decision to act upon. My answer is somewhat related because they talk about knowledge and success. I just did not have as much as a descriptive vision like the President’s Declaration. Education is important because we need intelligent people to help society function correctly. It all traces back to knowledge, the more we know the more of a difference we could make. No it is not attainable for everyone. Those in poverty do not have the money to afford higher education. It is depressing that institutions are mostly only interested in money other than giving education. That shouldn’t stop you because everyone is fully capable of receiving higher education, it all depends on your will. We should let them know how they can have a chance at higher education. Let them know about scholarships and financial aid to help reduce costs of school.


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