Exercise 2.3

I believe I was raised by proletaraits because my parents never owned a business in society. They were always working for what we needed, as did I once I started working. People of power or ownership take advantage of it, like when I was working for Chick Fil A. Our general manager would just show up whenever during the day because he didn’t like waking up in the mornings. That would be a problem for us because whenever he did show up he would tell us to do a task, while he would be in his office relaxing. Another example would be when my mother worked for Tyco and the owner spent the companies money causing my mother’s Tyco branch to get shut down.

We like to say we are all equal classes but we really aren’t. As long as we have capitalism, there will always be social classes becasue that is what capitalism is. Most rich upper class kids get handed a good job while us middle and lower kids have to search and search until we find a job no matter how hard and low paying the job is. Like you said in class today, what the difference between a bachelor’s degree at Harvard than one at Stanislaus? There isn’t a difference but there is because of the higher class of the name Harvard. So if there was a scenario of one college graduate from Harvard and the other from Stanislaus both apply for the same job. We both know the Harvard kid is most likely going to job because he made it out of Harvard.

Yes I can see myself doing that because I don’t like when people lie to me so I would try my best not lie to others. Everyone deserves the truth. Everyone needs to face the truth as well and stop lying to themselves. Exposing it would be ideal because once you knock down the doors, everything will be settled.


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