Exercise 3.1

As a person who does not go to parks unless there was a party or barbeque, I decided to go to Grupe Park on one Saturday morning because I’m never in that area. The closest part of that area I go to is In N Out. I tried to make myself look as if I was going to do something active at the park, with shorts and nike roshe run running shoes and use my phone to take notes because a notebook is too obvious. I sat beneath a tree so I could be in the shade because I like to stay cool. The first thing I noticed was a group of maybe 15 to 20 people around the age of 50, maybe. It was somewhat diverse meaning I saw a couple people who were not white. More than 65 percent were white. They were gathered in the parking lot with a table right in front the trunk of the GMC SUV. Some had dogs. It looked like they were preparing for some community barbeque, I wasn’t too sure, but it looked like a social gathering of some sort. One woman stood out to me because she was wearing a bright yellow, purple, and green jumpsuit. It was very workout 80s like. She was talking to almost everyone, I believed her to be the person hold the get together. They very much looked like they were enjoying themselves.

Hispanic kids were having soccer practice, well not kids, they looked like they were in high school. I say Hispanic because they were speaking Spanish, at least it sounded like it a lot. All of them had the same haircut that European futbol players have. Fading the sides of the head except for the top, so the could generate some type of hair flow. All of them looked the same for the distance I was at. They were running a lead passing drill, so they could lead their teammate ahead to have a chance to get ahead of the defender and score. One kid was better than all the others, he had a blue shirt with a white Adidas logo, black shorts, white socks, and what looked like to Adidas soccer cleats. The kid was very quick very explosive. He would beat his defender almost every time but when it came to the passing he struggled. He wasn’t very accurate, the ball would get intercepted most of the time It’s probably something he would need to practice on more.

A white bald man was practicing frisbee golf by himself, I felt bad for him, until he kept hitting the chain on the basket, which got annoying. He was quite consistent on making into the basket.

I know don’t what sport team it was but there was a team doing drills which was them running up and down a hill by the baseball fields. They looked very tired because it didn’t take many tries to get tired. I would probably be in the same position because I’m very out of shape myself.

On the other side of the baseball, one African American guy with a high top fade with a padawan braid (Star Wars reference) and his Asian friend wearing a Philadelphia Flyers hat, he looked Filipino. They were running football routes . Padawan braid caught almost everything. Flyers hat did not have the same arm strength and would go through a slump of dropping the ball when thrown to him.

To me, it seemed like no one knew I was there because everyone was doing there own thing and minding there own business. They all were happy and seemed carefree just living in the moment. All is well when you’re in a peaceful environment and people you’re comfortable around

The advantages of the data is seeing how every one acts the same around people they are comfortable with. They can be themselves. Disadvantages are I don’t know what they are thinking if they did see me observing them and it’s creepy that I’m just watching people.


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