Exercise 4.1

American society is so fake because our society is based on pleasing other people whom we do not even know. We are told to dress a certain way for certain things for jobs, talk a certain to make someone else feel comfortable, and serving people who do not even appreciate what you are doing for them. We care so much about what other individuals think that we can’t even really ourselves, only a around select few. We have to do things that makes us uncomfortable to be considered like keeping eye contact when you’re speaking to them. I find that uncomfortable, trying to hold eye contact is too much pressure. Perfect example on page 110 of Down to Earth Sociology. Jose Ybarra and Sir Edmund Jones need to create a professional relationship of some sort but each is being nice in a fake demeanor because they both need something from each other. Also personal space in very important in our society, we all have our different comfort zones but everyone has the point of being uncomfortable. That is why we do certain things in public places such as: not sitting right next to someone unless the movie theater is crowded, do not fart or burp, do not pick your nose, and you get the point. Like on the first page of chapter ten of the Down to Earth Sociology book, Bob’s personal space had been invaded, so he immediately tries to send a message non verbally by scowling and scooting away as much as he can. America is a very materialistic society. Being apart of this society is like a game you blend in until you make it then you branch out and make a difference. We say we want to stand out but really we are doing what everyone else is doing before us. We are heavily influenced by the media, if we see someone famous wearing something we are going to want to wear it too. It happens every time something new comes out like when the iPhone came out. Everyone was camping out all night for Steve Job’s new revolutionary development by turning a computer into a phone. The smart phone era began in 2007, now everyone has one and you would be lost if you did not have one. Same thing goes for Michael Jordan’s shoes. People line up and sometimes die for these shoes. For shoes. That is how crazy ridiculous we are when it comes to these items, we will work as if it was our job just to obtain them. I am a hypocrite because I have done these things but I cannot believe how crazy we could be over temporary things. The things we do just because every one else has them.


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