Describe something in American Culture as if you have never seen it before

I walked up and I saw people imprisoned behind a glass window with a device that made their voice sound a bit robotic and lights formed into letters, creating words. There is also an opening at the bottom glass small enough to slide my hand through. As I enter, it smells like tortured corn seeds and there is a guide who rips paper in half … Continue reading Describe something in American Culture as if you have never seen it before


It is weird how this author, Horace Miner, can write normal American cultural things such as going to the dentist, the bathroom, and the hospital in descriptions we do not recognize them as. I did not even realize that Nacirema was American backwards until we went over it in class. Calling our medicinal practices “magic” threw me off because it’s all based off scientific fact. … Continue reading Nacirema

Exercise 2.3

I believe I was raised by proletaraits because my parents never owned a business in society. They were always working for what we needed, as did I once I started working. People of power or ownership take advantage of it, like when I was working for Chick Fil A. Our general manager would just show up whenever during the day because he didn’t like waking … Continue reading Exercise 2.3

KW Exercise 1.1

The purpose of higher education is to better ourselves by obtaining knowledge because the more knowledge we have the higher chance of success. Meaning better paying jobs and being comfortable financially. Honestly, I was scared to go to college but I knew I had to because America is such a competitive place for employment and I would need a college degree to open up the job options. I don’t … Continue reading KW Exercise 1.1